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Last Updated: September 08, 2010

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Q: When I plug my GPS device into the USB port on my laptop, none of my programs that use GPS data recognize the unit.  How do I connect the GPS unit to my PC, so it will be recognized by Ship's Log?
GPS connectivity varies between operating systems and GPS adapters.  If you are using a "Serial to USB" cable adapter, you'll need to install the appropriate drivers that came with your cable adapter.  We've noticed that some drivers may occasionally require that you power down and restart your laptop before they become fully functional (a common sign is that your mouse behaves erratically after installing the driver).
Q: I recently upgraded my operating system to Vista x64.  When I tried to install Ship's Log to my PC with the new 64-bit Vista operating system, I received an error message.  How do I install Ship's Log to a PC with a 64-bit operating system?
Ship's Log v4 is the first version of Ship's Log to support a 64-bit operating system.  Please upgrade to version 4 if you have not already done so. If you have received an error while trying to install v4, check to see that you have administrator permissions before installing the software.
Q: I'm the captain of a large commercial vessel.  We're currently in the market for vessel management software.  I've downloaded your demo version and I like your Ship's Log software.  Do you plan to add support for commercial applications in your future releases of Ship's Log?
At this time, Ship's Log is geared towards the recreational boating community.  While our product is currently in use with many commercial operators, there is no plan to add functionality to exclusively support our commercial customers. If we do attempt such an undertaking, we will likely create a totally separate application for commercial customers to keep our products streamlined for their intended customers.
Q: Every time I exit the Ship's Log program, it asks me for confirmation.  Is there a switch in the program that will allow me to turn off this warning message?
Yes. You can change the warning settings via the Settings form. Select "Options -> Settings", and then choose the settings group called "Warnings". Turning off the shutdown warning is fairly safe, but we recommend you leave the other warnings (related to record deletion) active.
Q: My currency is in one unit, but now I'm visiting a foreign country and I'm using a different currency. Should I change my currency symbol to reflect this new currency?
No. If you change the currency symbol it will only change the symbol, it will not perform mathematical conversions on any of your logs. To keep your records accurate you should write down the foreign currency's type and value in the comments field, so that it is correctly documented. After you have that data documented, calculate how much that value would be in your native currency and enter that calculated value into the log's currency field. To help you convert the currency, you can use one of the many currency conversion calculators on the Internet, which are frequently updated with the latest conversion rates.
Q: What operating systems will Ship's Log v4 run on?
Ship's Log will run on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. If you are using Linux or Mac, you might be able to run Ship's Log through a free Windows emulator, such as WineHQ.
Q: I own an earlier version of Ship's Log.  Will my existing database work with the new 4.0 version?
Yes, but we recommend you make a backup of your original database just in case something unforeseen happens during the conversion (power outages, hard disc failures, etc). When your data is automatically converted to the new format, it should be fully intact, though small variations must occur in order to fit the old data into the new layout of version 4. In particular, the Inventory Log has changed significantly from earlier versions of the program.
Q: Can I easily share my data with others?
Yes.  Version 4 can export reports to PDF, which you can then share with others. Or, if they also have Ship's Log, you could send them a copy of your logbook file (*.slb). Note that the logbook file contains thumbnails of pictures, but it doesn't store the full image files (or any other associated media/files). If you're giving someone your logbook file and you want them to have access to the full-size pictures, you will have to give them a copy of those picture files as well. To simplify the process, we recommend you keep all your media files organized under one folder, which can then be transfered along with the logbook file.
Q: I own several boats.  Can I keep separate logbooks for each vessel, using a single license of Ship's Log?
Yes, you may use the program on any computers you own, for as many boats as you own.  For each boat, you can simply select "New Logbook" from the "File" menu and enter a name for your new logbook.  We recommend giving the logbook the same name as the vessel (ex. "Mayflower.slb").